Evil Pandy 3D
Duke Nukem Overhaul

  • About the Project
    • Evil Pandy 3D - an overhaul/modification of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition using the source code provided by 3DRealms. The objective of this project is to improve upon the interface and gameplay, and to apply these changes to a new game in Duke style.


  • Staff / Developers
  • Frank Zecca (orcberg)
    • Project Manager, in charge of the direction and planning of the project. Seek him for any questions or would like to offer some form of assistance.
  • Brian Kephart (alkiser)
    • Web designer, maintaining the site, moderating the forums and basically keeping the public informed of progress
  • Andrew Turkin (arteast)
    • Team programmer and developer.
  • Ryan Roos (rooscode)
    • Team programmer and developer.
  • Steven Normore (zyx321)
    • Team programmer and developer.
  • Justin Devane (bocosaq)
    • Graphic Designer, desciption not yet available.
  • Daniel Russ (eg0nn)
    • Editorial and Content Writer, description not yet available.
  • cj (mrbbad)
    • Content Management, description not yet available
  • Nick Duros (squawkbox)
    • Editorial and Content Writer, description not yet available.
  • Jonathan Coran (techallenger)
    • Graphic designer, description not yet available


  • Contact
    • Anyone listed above can be contacted by taking their name in perenthesis ( ) and putting it in front of @users.sourceforge.net

      An example being alkiser@users.sourceforge.net

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